Secretary of The State Candidate, Corey Brinson, Interview On Face The State

Sunday morning, Secretary of the State Candidate Corey Brinson was interview by Dennis House on Face The State at WFSB.  <vodeo> (This post has been extended and corrected from an earlier version created before the video was available)

Note:  This is our 1st commentary on the Secretary of The State’s race in the 2010 election.  We intend to provide comprehensive coverage of the race, highlighting news reports, interviews and issues, yet sticking primarily to comments on election integrity. <see editor’s note>

From Dennis House’s bio at WFSB,

“Face The State” host Dennis House is a native New Englander and a resident of Connecticut since 1992. He thrives on grilling newsmakers on the venerable news program, which debuted on Channel 3 in the 1960s. His goal is to bring the politicians and public figures closer to Channel 3 viewers.

From Corey Brinson’s website:

I am running in this race because more people in our State will vote for the next American Idol than for the next Governor of Connecticut, and too few people are excited about seeking public office…

I am running in this race because in this recession we need to encourage business development and job growth…

I am running in this race because we are failing as a State to attract and retain our young professionals…

Interview highlights:

Mr. Brinson’s intention is to “Inspire a new wave of leaders” in Connecticut playing a role similar to Barack Obama for the Connecticut 2010 election.  To “get people excited about this campaign…bring in people who have never been a part of or never been excited of the political process”.

He is not running against Susan Bysiewicz, the current Secretary of the State:  “Susan has been a fine public servant, a great Secretary of the State”.   “The biggest opponent in this race, I will be running against myself”

His strongest stated positions are ending the business entry tax and “tax credits for young professionals” to keep them in the state.

He was inspired to run by his aunt, Hartford City Common Council Member, Veronica Airey-Wilson. (the earlier, rush version of the post had incorrectly indicated another person was his aunt)

He stated his major qualifications are as a small business owner (law practice) and the son of a small business owner (painter).

We have no comments on the substance of the interview, except that we found not much of substance covered – far from a grilling – and lacking questions related to the elections role of the Secretary of the State.   Over time we intend develop some questions we would ask every candidate for the office of Secretary of the State.

As of the latest version of the SEEC candidate listing, dated May 11, there is one other announced candidate, Republican Richard Abbate, who was the Republican candidate in 2006.  And one candidate with an exploritory committee, Democrat James Spallone, currently co-chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee.


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