Senator Dodd: Keep Bush’s Hans Off Our Elections

Although I appreciate many of Christopher Dodd’s heartfelt positions he is the one person in the Senate primarily responsible for the so called, Help America Vote Act. He compounds his error as he fails to oppose Hans Von Spakovsky for the Election Assistance Commission.

Senator Feingold and Obama are standing up for us. Standing up when Harry Reid is capitulating <read about the Senate> and Feinstein taking both sides . Dodd and Feinstein are on the Rules Committee. No word on how or if he voted, but he could join Obama and Feingold and block the nomination.

Lest you think we are nitpicking, here are some of Von Spakovsky’s accomplishments: <details list><and more>

Spakovsky stalled ruling on Mississippi redistricting, effecting electoral outcomes

Spakovsky pushed through Texas re-districting that violated the Voting Rights Act

Spakovsky urged Maryland officials to reject voter registration forms of lawful voters

Spakovsky blocked an investigation into voter discrimination against Native Americans

Spakovsky approved “modern day poll tax” over objections of career staff:


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  1. Luther Weeks

    A wishy wash answer to my concerns from Joe

    “Thank you for contacting me regarding the nomination of Hans von Spakovsky to serve as a commissioner on the Federal Election Commission (FEC). …please be assured that I will continue to keep in mind your specific concerns when Mr. von Spakovsky’s nomination comes before the full Senate for a vote.”

    Still waiting for a response from Sen Dodd. Feingold and Obama are standing up by putting a hold on the nomination.

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