Siegleman Election Fraud Claims Another Victim

This is the case of election fraud in the reelection bid of Alabama Governor Don Seigelman. <previous coverage> Lets recap:

  • The 1st victims were the people of Alabama.  Governor Seigelman was not reelected due to fraud in the election.
  • The next victim was Don Seigelman who, instead of being reinstated as Governor, was prosecuted, convicted, and jailed, based on trumped up charges and prosecutorial misconduct.
  • The Governor was released from jail but may face a new trial.
  • It seems the American People and the rule of law are also victims.  So far no body has been punished for misconduct.
  • Most recently a whistle blower, Tamarah Grimes, sent Attorney General Eric Holder a letter detailing more misconduct in the case.  Three days later Ms. Grimes was fired, becoming the latest victim: <read>

Leura Canary, U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, wrote press releases about the Don Siegelman case that were distributed under the signature of assistant prosecutor Louis Franklin. Also, Canary regularly had two assistants communicate her suggestions about the Siegelman case to Franklin.

All of this took place after Canary had announced her recusal from the Siegelman case. And they are two of many stark examples of prosecutorial misconduct outlined in a letter dated June 1, 2009, from whistleblower Tamarah Grimes to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Eight days after writing the letter, Grimes was fired from her position as a paralegal for the Department of Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. So far, there is no indication that Holder has taken any action in the matter.

Once again, justice delayed in justice denied.  Elections stolen, but not immediately redressed even worse.


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