Stamford Times: Advantages of new voting machines uncertain

Fortunato said it is too early to tell whether the new machines will save their owners money. Ballots for the optical scan machines cost 50 cents each but older model lever-action machines required costly maintenance.

“I think maybe at the end of next year, after you have the primary in August and election in November, you’d be able to determine was this more costly,” said Fortunato. “I don’t think you’d be able to do that right now.”

This article sets the complete wrong context and criteria: Is the paper cost of optical scan cheaper or more costly than paper for lever machines or DRE (touch screen) voting machines?

The voting machines and the entire voting system is worth nothing unless it provides integrity and confidence that the intention of the voters will be carried out. Cost of election administration per ballot? approximately $3.00; cost of the last Senate campaign? approximately $40 per ballot; cost of one mailing from your State Senator or Representative? approx $1.00; Cost of sufficient audits to protect our vote? $0.25; Value of preserving our right to choose our leaders? Priceless. <read the article>


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