Talk Nation Radio – Fix Security Issues By Nov

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Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, Professor Alex Shvartsman, Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara, and Connecticut Registrars discuss problems with the voting machines and security protocols set up to use them. The Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara reported nineteen voting machine failures last year, but at least some failures were not on her list because they were not reported. That was the case in the Republican Party stronghold of New Canaan, where ROV Bob Shafter and ROV George Cody were in disagreement about events at the polls…

We speak with Connecticut registrars of voter from New Canaan where a voting machine broke down in 2007 and LHS guided a mid election repair. The malfunction was not reported to the Secretary of the State. Deputy Secretary of State Lesley Mara discusses problems from recent state funded memory card study and promises to do more education to get registrars to contact proper authorities when failures occur, and the lead researcher on the state’s memory card study goes over problems with vendor, LHS, and what happens when voting machines fail…

There have been problems with the memory cards for the state’s voting machines and problems with the vendor, LHS Associates, since 2006. Connecticut’s Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, a Democrat, has yet to bring the full power of her office to bear to solve them. She downplayed serious problems that cropped up on Super Tuesday even as the state’s voting machine security expert Alexander Shvartsman was trying to explain the troubling results of a study of the memory cards from the 2007 state and municipal election. And as public hearings go on, more problems and issues with the voting machines are coming out.


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