Podcast: Talk of the Nation: Voter fraud, voter ID, and absentee voting fraud.

Talk of the Nation held a discussion yesterday by proponents and opponents of voter ID laws, now passed and proposed in several states, Voter ID Debate Ramping Up Again For 2012 <listen>

Most of the hour is devoted to a discussion/debate on the merits of voter ID.  The main arguments are presented from both sides. We oppose voter ID. We believe that the case for significant individual voter fraud has not been made, (was not successfully made on this show), that in fact there is little individual voter fraud, and that many would be disenfranchised by voter ID. Yet, it is appropriate that the debate continue, with more details than can be covered in a half-hour segment.

In the last minutes of the debate, everyone agreed that absentee ballot fraud is significant and frequent, much more extensive than individual voter fraud. That is the primary reason we oppose any form of increased mail-in voting, including no-excuse absentee voting. Absentee voting risks also deserve an extended debate.


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