TalkNationRadio: Dr. Shvartsman Outlines Memory Card Failures

We have covered the memory card issues and the reports from Dr. Shvartsman’s team at the UConn VoTeR Center <here> and <here>. This week, Dori Smith of TalkNationRadio interviewed Dr. Shvartsman <audio and transcript>.

The UConn reports reported 3.5% and 8% failure rates. These are outrageous. Not only do they represent a huge and unacceptable hardware failure rate, but this is after LHS was to have programmed and tested each card. But this may be the tip of the iceberg, what kind of organization is LHS?

The Secretary of the State made public announcements that the University of Connecticut team planned to collect memory cards for a study into the failure rates of the cards. But even so, LHS staff members collected memory cards that failed during the set up and testing phase of the 2007 election. They did this even as the UCONN team was attempting to collect a random sample to test for the number of failing cards and the manner in which they failed. The actions of LHS of replacing failing memory cards during the set up of the election is not outlined in state security protocols and those actions served to remove failing cards from the UCONN study, it ruined portions of the statistical analysis.

Dr. Shvartsman’s findings on the post-election audits were very similar to the Coalition findings:

Alex Shvartsman: …We have also examined the data from the hand counted audit from November and it is quite obvious that the poll workers completely misunderstood the procedure for hand counting during the audits and in at least 20% of the returns the data was simply wrong.

We need to continue hand counted audits and recounts, you won’t find computer scientists entertaining machine based recounts:

So but having a combination of hand counted recounts and hand counted audits and the machine count at the initial election is a sensible approach. Lifting the roles of the vendor and requiring the vendors to abide by the procedures established by the state, well it has to be enforced. I do not know how to do that exactly but I certainly agree with you on that.


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