Testimony against six bills and for one

Let me echo again, Paul Krugmann:

Three decades ago, when I went off for my year in the United States government, an old hand explained to me the nature of the job: it was mostly about fighting bad ideas. And these bad ideas, he went on to explain, were like cockroaches: no matter how many times you flush them down the toilet, they keep coming back.
Paul Krugman

All of these bills are well intended. In fact, I would support most of the concepts, yet in only a single case could I support one of these bills , based on huge gaps between the good intent and the actual details present and missing in those bills.


  • S.B. 901 – all but eliminate our post-election audits
  • H.B. 6428 – Town by town electronic check-in
  • S.B. 775 and S.B. 777 – Town by town, pollworker by pollworker check-in and polling-place lookup
  • S.B. 779 and H.B. 6429 – Make cross-endorsed voting easier on officials, more work for  voters


  • S.B. 1058 – Minor change to destruction of blank absentee ballots – lots more we should address beyond this minor change

Each of the .PDFs has a link to the associated bill(s)


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