Testimony on several bills, including the National Popular Vote Compact

Yesterday, we testified on several bills, submitting three packages of written testimony. Most of the bills were proposals for the National Popular Vote Compact. We half agree with those testifying for the Compact and half disagree. We would be in favor of a National Popular Vote with a sufficient Constitutional Amendment. We oppose the Compact. Its misfit with our presidential election laws portent chaos.
Here is our testimony: <NPV Compact>

We also testified against two  partisan changes to the presidential election <Proportional Electors>

We testified in favor of needed changes to the Election Day Registration law.  We have long argued that the 8:00pm cutoff is a civil rights violation waiting to happen .  Although it happened in New Haven in 2014, it apparently happened all over the state in 2016.  Secretary Merrill received much criticism in the hearing for her past opposition and proclamations keeping the cutoff in place. <EDR and Civil Rights>


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