Testimony on two more election bills: RLAs and Internet Voting

  H.B.6325 was a second bill similar to an earlier on that proposed a task force for Risk limiting Audits (RLAs). My detailed testimony only changed a little bit. For the previous bill, I only testified on paper. For this bill I spoke, especially giving my answer to a legislators question of another on another bill. I’m glad I had a few days contemplate an answer: “How would you explain RLAs to forth graders?”

That is a good question: Risk Limiting Audits are intended to confirm that elections are correctly counted and totaled or to correct incorrect results. Over a 10-year period, Connecticut has about 20,000 election contests. For instance, if 20 of those contests were incorrectly decided due to error or fraud, rigorous Risk Limiting Audits which examine all 20,000 contests would correct at least 19 of the 20.

After several hiatus an Internet voting bill is being proposed, one of 28 sections. It also included a flawed proposal for curing absentee ballots rejected for signature issues etc. S.B.5 was patterned after systems that have failed independent security studies, spectacularly.


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