Timely Reminders from Secretary Bysiewicz and CTVotersCount

In a press release, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz reminds voters of the importance of questions on the November municipal ballots:

“Towns throughout Connecticut are facing some crucial decisions on
schools, local budgets, road repair and other issues, so it is
imperative that voters make their voices heard next Tuesday,” said
Secretary Bysiewicz.  “Local elections are enormously important for
determining the future direction of all of our communities.”

CTVotersCount reminds voters and the legislature that:

Referendums and questions are exempt from the Connecticut post-election audit law.  However, they are not exempt from the risks of error and fraud. The post-election audit law needs to be strengthened is several ways; including subjecting all critical ballots and contests to be subject to selection for audit; and all ballots and contests are critical.

For more information: FAQ: Why Would Anyone Steal A Referendum?


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