Timely Reminders From the Secretary of the State and CTVotersCount

The Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz reminds voters of the importance of localelections and the importance of registering to vote in advance.  Courtesy of CTNewsWire:  <read>

“Crucial budget and educational issues are facing many towns in
Connecticut as voters go to the polls to choose municipal leaders this
year, so it is imperative to register to vote!” said Secretary
Bysiewicz.  “Anyone who wants a say in the future direction of their
community in these tough times should make sure they mail registration
materials to their Registrar of Voters office by Monday April 20th or
else go to town hall and fill out the registration card in person by
8:00 p.m. on April 27th.”

CTVotersCount agrees.

We also remind voters that referendums are not exempt from the risk of error and insider fraud, yet are entirely exempt from post-election audits:

Two motivations and opportunities: <FAQ>

The Town has the budget referendum turned down frequently at $20,000+ per referendum for a turnout of a small % of registered voters.

  • All the insiders of all parties are for it
  • Many town hall jobs are dependent on it
  • The insiders convince themselves that “if the right voters showed up then it would pass”
  • They think they are helping out the town out by passing the budget and saving multiple election costs
  • All look the other way

One insider is convinced the budget is too big.

  • Convinced that “If the people really knew then they would vote it down”
  • When nobody is looking, the insider takes advantage of sole access to voting machines and ballots, to hack the machine with the Hursti Hack before the election.

A recent example, Referendum: Front Page Story, Yet Paper Ballots Will Be Ignored, <read>

Among the current exemptions from post-election audits in CT are:  Referendums, Questions, Central Count Absentee Ballots, and All Ballots Counted By Hand.   Perhaps worse, some towns where election officials have had issues counting ballots during audits are now considering going to all paper ballot referendums – saving $100’s while voting on issues of $1,000,000’s <read>


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