Two days at the Voting and Elections Summit

I always get rejuvenated with new ideas and camaraderie of a conference.  For the last two days I have participated in the Voting and Elections Summit in Washington, D.C.

If you or anyone you know needs help with registering to vote or absentee voting the source of help is the U.S. Vote Foundation or the Overseas Vote Foundation.

Three simple ideas standout among the many things I learned and relearned:

  1. When we are concerned about every cost associated with voting, small and large, compare those costs to what we spend “spreading democracy” elsewhere.
  2. Contemplate what people spend in time and expense for the excitement of the Superbowl.  Why are we not similarly engaged in Election Day, where who wins is actually much more significant to our lives?
  3. Should we be at least as concerned with protecting and auditing paper ballots, as we are with the footballs used in the semi-finals?

Monday and Tuesday, I will be back at the Capitol considering what might be possible in the future, while wondering if we are willing to pay for a voting system worthy of the potential value of trustworthy elections, at the NIST Future of Voting Symposium II.  Yes, I went to the 1st Symposium and Connecticut benefited.


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