Video: Atticus v. The Architect: The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman

Beyond the preview, you will have to pay to watch. It is available on Amazon or from the Movie Site

Here is my Amazon Review:

I have followed this story off and on for years. As promised this film not only reviews the story but adds additional information. People ask me if any elections have been stolen. I say probably a few are and point to this as one that was. The cover-up is much much worse than the initial crime. The cover-up of the cover-up even worse. Yet, nothing happening once everything was pretty much in the open is worst of all. Like many documentaries, the first half or so is a little slow, yet you will be richly, disturbingly rewarded for watching till the end.

Sufficient recount laws would have corrected this error. No cyber hacking was necessary, just insider skullduggery. Do not claim there are no conspiracies – or that they all would be found out and corrected. In this case it seems it was never addressed other than punishment of the innocent and promotion of the guilty.


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