Video: Gerry Garcia visits the Glastonbury DTC

Not the greatest video from my digital camera, but the sound is good.

Don’t choose me just because of my name, but see as a benefit where I come from and how that can impact on the ticket.

In response to my question about the need for more accurate, citizen verifiable election information online:

The Secretary of the States’ office really needs an overhaul…the website is not user friendly, its incomplete…I’m of a different generation, a generation that expects… to be able to distribute it accurately, online, in as close to realtime as a system can offer.

What attracted you to the office of Secretary of the State?

What excites me…I am actually passionate about giving voice…I what is not there, who is not at the table…who gets a voice and has standing is deeply personal for me…the SOTS office should be the one stop point of contact for small bussiness in Connecticut…I have no designs on any other office.

I’m the only candidate for any constitutional office, so far, to have opted in to the Citizens Elections Program…I hear a lot of people running for office talking about the program, applauding the program


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