Voters Registering Like Their Life, Liberty, and Persuit of Happiness Depends On It

AP Story, Official predicts Conn. voter registration could reach 2 million

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz says nearly 20,000 people have registered to vote since Connecticut’s presidential primary last month.

She says there’s lots of enthusiasm and interest in the political process this year. Nearly a quarter of the new registrations since the Feb. 5 primary are people ages 18 to 29. She’s hoping 2 million people will register to vote before the November election.

Currently the state has more than 1.9 million registered voters. Democrats outnumber Republicans, but unaffiliated voters are the biggest group of all.

The newly registered voters since the primary include 9,000 Democrats, 2,600 Republicans and more than 8,000 unaffiliated voters.

We understand more voters have already registered after the Primary than before!!!

Update: Record Journal, Trend Not True in Meriden


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