We can fix this and improve election integrity

Verified Voting Recommendations to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration    <read>

Way back when, President Obama, observing the long lines on election night said, We need to fix this those problems. Resulting in two letters to the President from voting integrity advocates. Now his commission is meeting and it is time they considered appropriate, reasonable remedies. We emphasize several points in the Verified Voting recommendations:

  • Optical scan systems provide superior performance to DRE (Touch Screen) systems when it comes to capacity. We had long lines in Connecticut with optical scanners, yet the problem was not scanners it was insufficient check-in lines, resulting from inadequate planning  by election officials, compounded by squabbling, coupled with a lack of action when the problem became apparent.
  • A call for more and better pollworker training. Here in Connecticut that should include more and better training of supervisors and registrars. It was not the pollworkers that caused the major problems here.
  • Outlining the risks of Internet voting. Sadly, next year, Connecticut will be added to the list of states allowing return of ballots over the Internet.
  • Optical scan and paper ballots need to be accompanied with adequate audits and recounts to achieve their promised value, provide integrity, provide confidence, and protect the democracy under “We the People”.

We can fix this and improve election integrity. Will we?


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