Were you a pollworker? – Please complete this survey


Welcome to the 2012 Election Workers Survey!

Sponsored by the Verified Voting Foundation and the Election Administration Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley

Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your experiences as an election worker by completing our 2012 Election Workers Survey.

If you are already familiar with this survey, its structure, and its goals, you can just click on the “Next” button at the bottom of this page to proceed.

How This Survey Is Structured.In order to get responses from as many election workers as possible, this survey is organized into three Sections:
– Core Questions (32 questions on 12 screen pages);
– Optional Training Detail Questions (12 questions on 4 screen pages);
– Optional Problem Detail Questions (24 questions on 12 screen pages);
We hope everyone can complete the 12 screen Core Section — which takes about ten minutes. The completion bar at the bottom of each page shows how many pages you have completed (out of a total of 37 core, optional, and skip logic pages).

Easy Exit and Return. You can use the “Exit this survey” link to the right of the title on every page at any time without losing any responses you have entered. You can return at any time to continue or change responses (so long as you use the same computer). For more details and other tips on how to take this survey, please see this page (also from 2008 but still applies!) <survey>



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