The Power of Partnership: Do you know what your election officials have been watching?

Direct from the Dominion web, a marketing video featuring Denver election officials.  The  apparently intended message from the officials is “See how great we are.  See all the great things we are doing for you voters, with your money.”  The apparently intended message from Dominion is “See how happy we can make officials.  We can make you look good for your voters too.  If you play with us we will promote you.”

Yet, I hope the questions raised for voters in Denver and elsewhere are:

  • Where are the testimonials from happy voters or average voters recruited to test and provide feedback on the human factors.
  • Where are the evaluations from independent security experts, election integrity experts, and human factors experts?
  • Did wining and dining of officials have anything to do with the product selection or supper happy evaluation?
  • How much did this system cost or save for Denver?
  • Should voters question the integrity of this or any other future purchase of equipment and services from Dominion?

Reminds us of those travel promotion ads featuring Connecticut Governors that somehow tend to be shown during election season, touting the benefits of vacationing in Connecticut to residents of Connecticut.  Or those register and vote billboards in that same season prominently featuring the Secretary of the State.

We recommend caution for election officials, along with concern and skepticism for voters and taxpayers.


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