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It’s not in LHS’s interest to have their machines viewed as failure prone and I don’t think that they should be in the pipeline between the moderator and the registrar on the one hand and the SOS on the other. So I think the whole flow of information that has been set up is wrong. — Prof. Michael Fisher, TrueVoteCT

Another “Good News” Press Release (press release)
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“The initial recount results confirm that the optical scan machines performed well and that every vote was recorded accurately,” said Bysiewicz. “…Together, these post election procedures should send a strong and simple message to voters – your vote will be counted, we’ll make sure of it.” – Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz, Press Release

When one truck from one trucking company goes down Avon Mountain and does not crash once, it is proof that Avon Mountain and can work as a truck route, but not close to proof that Avon Mountain is generally safe for every truck and driver, almost every time. At CTVotersCount we agree that the Diebold AccuVote-OS can count elections accurately. The fact is that no electronic voting machine can be proven reliable, the Diebold AccuVote-OS is far from secure, the Diebold AccuVote has been proven to be easily compromised, and Connecticut adds to that vulnerability by outsourcing the coding of each election to our vendor, LHS. What we do claim is that elections can be incorrectly decided electronically by error or fraud. The only solution we support is sufficient random audits of each race and question.

What’s the difference: Alderman or Selectman?

Shelton Weekly: Candidates question registrar’s position

A letter drafted by two candidates for city aldermen was sent to the secretary of state’s office questioning incumbent Alderman John “Jack” Finn’s dual roles as registrar of voters and his candidacy for alderman…

Minotti and Simonetti believe that Finn’s role as registrar during the elections is in violation of Connecticut state statutes. Minotti and Simonetti also requested an opinion on the language of Section 9-210 of the Connecticut General Statutes that states “no selectman should be elected registrar of voters,” claiming that a selectman and alderman have the same duties and responsibilities.

“I sat down with corporation counsel Tom Welch, who ruled that selectman and alderman are two different positions, and that I could serve as registrar and alderman,” said Finn.


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