The Wild West: Presidential Primary “Election” Edition

Four years ago there were five public hearings on voting in Connecticut. In reaction to election administration admissions by registrars, Representative Caruso referred to our system in the Nutmeg State as the “Wild West”. It seems that choosing a candidate for President by parties is another version of the Wild West.

The latest demonstrations the weak underbelly of candidate selection are the caucuses in Iowa and Nevada:

Iowa had a very close vote count declaring Romney the victor, followed shortly by news of bad accounting from one meeting which would have Santorum the victor <read>, followed several weeks later with a confirmation of Santorum based on a recount missing records from eight locations. <read>

Earlier many were concerned with a hacker threat to the Iowa caucus <read>  And soon after a candidate’s campaign investigated for vote fraud in Virginia <read>

This week  added concerns with the Nevada caucus:  And a summary of caucus concerns from the AP  and the Washington Times <read> <read>

What else should be of concern, given that parties can pretty much choose their own way selecting a candidate? Internet voting subject to external hacking, insider fraud, and even subject to official override. Consider the risks of the party/non-party Wall Street financed and managed Americans Elect <read>, and the 2008 Democrats Abroad vote <read>


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