Will The Voter Registration System Be Fixed In Time?

Stamford Advocate: State fixing voter system after primary glitches, <read>

Will the pressure on the Secretary of the State’s Office and the Department of Information Technology be sufficient such that the system will actually be fixed to function when it is most needed?

For background, see our our earlier coverage of the Norwich Public Hearings. Let us hope that the “fix” by April 24th includes some realistic stress testing of the system.

From the Advocate:

A letter from Bysiewicz to the technology department and Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell, which surfaced last month, acknowledged “tremendous difficulties” with the system before and during Connecticut’s Feb. 5 presidential primary.

“The system crashed several times on the day before the primary and has not yet been completely restored,” Bysiewicz, a Democrat, wrote. “We do not believe that issues have been addressed in a way that would reassure registrars they will have what they need in November.”

The system crashed under heavy use before primary day, while registrars statewide were uploading new voter registrations, Bysiewicz said.

Her letter struck department, who fired off a letter accusing Bysiewicz of trying to deflect blame for the problems.
“Your letter minimizes your office’s involvement and responsibility,” Wallace wrote.

Joseph said the two departments and the Registrars of Voters Association of Connecticut are working to have a plan for fixing the system by April 24…

George Cody, New Canaan’s Democratic registrar and president of the state association of registrars, said the organization hopes state officials are working together, but many are skeptical because the problem has existed for years.

“It’s not new, but it has never been dealt with adequately,” Cody said. “We have assurances, but time will tell.”…

The centralized system is crucial for registrars because it is the main source of the lists kept at polls on election day to track voters, Cody said.

The presidential election will put the system “to the ultimate strain and the ultimate test,” Cody said.


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