Candidate Leaves Name On Ballot: Causing Unnecessary Primary Vote

Rob Simmons has ended his campaign, yet is leaving his name on the ballot.

CTNewsJunkie story:  Simmons Equates Campaign Against McMahon’s Money to Pickett’s Charge <read>

While he refused to withdraw his name from the ballot line, Simmons said he would be helping elect his fellow Republicans to federal and state office, …

Asked why he wants to leave his name on the primary ballot, Simmons said “I don’t see it as a protest, I see it as honoring those who did support me under difficult circumstances and giving them a choice.”…

He equated his campaign against McMahon and her millions with the futility of Pickett’s Charge.

Over the weekend Simmons re-read portions of a book detailing Pickett’s Charge, a Civil War assault by the Confederacy on the Union, which he said was a “foolish waste of people and resources with a demoralizing outcome.“

“It changed the shape of the Civil War for the Confederacy,” Simmons said. “Not that I would want the Confederacy to win.”

Simmons Equates Campaign Against McMahon’s Money to Pickett’s Charge

Not quite sure what he meant by the analogy. Perhaps his campaign up to now changed the election, but staying on the ballot at this point initially seems as futile as Pickett’s Charge. On the other hand if Peter Schiff petitions to get on the ballot, or McMahon falters, it might have some potential to impact the result.


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