Registrar of Voters Primary, Bristol Connecticut

From the Bristol Press: Democrats to battle for registrar’s job <read>

Democrats will face a primary in the race to pick a successor to their party’s registrar of voters.

Though Democrats voted 37-14 Monday to endorse Elliott Nelson, the city’s Democratic chairman, the final decision will be made by rank-and-file Democrats in an Aug. 10 primary.

Mary Rydingsward, who fell short when party loyalists voted, said afterward she would seek to overturn the decision by reaching out to ordinary Democrats.

“I didn’t expect as an outsider to get the nomination,” she said.

Rydingsward and Nelson will compete for the right to take the $46,000-a-year job that Bob Badal is giving up when his term ends this year…

The Registrar of Voters can make a difference in election integrity, voter access, and candidate service.  We wish more were interested in serving and contending.

Note: Mary Rydingsward has participated as an observers for the Connecticut Citizens Election Audit Coalition and testified against the bill that would have gutted the value of the post-election audits.  I consider her a friend.  I do not know Elliott Nelson.


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