Courant Editorial: Cheap Way To Boost Turnout

Today the Hartford Courant printed an editorial citing the Citizen Audit’s latest report:  Cheap Way To Boost Turnout

The headline was different from the online version posted earlier:

Good Election Info On Town Websites Can Boost Turnout

March 2, 2015

It’s simple: Just providing voters with election information is key to improving voter turnout, according to a volunteer election watchdog group that has recently released a study of municipal websites.

The group, the Connecticut Citizen Election Audit, found many of this state’s 169 municipal websites surprisingly lacking in basic information — like “what’s on the ballot?” and “where do I vote?” —- that one would think would be posted before an election. (1)

Putting such information online and keeping it current ought to be a top priority in towns.

Such basic information can, as the Citizen Audit believes, drive up voter turnout. And it wouldn’t cost very much.

Every municipality won’t match Cornwall, which, with 74.77 percent turnout in the last general election, was the small-town winner of the secretary of the state’s Democracy Cup. But every city and town should make it a goal.

The audit’s study suggests that for many municipalities it’ll be a stretch.

The study of municipal websites, finished last year just before the November election, found that only 28 percent of them said what was on the ballot. Only 56 percent provided the date of the next election. Only 64 percent told people where to vote. Only 15 percent posted results of the 2013 municipal election.

Many websites didn’t tell people they can register to vote online. Many had broken links and outdated information.

That’s not much of an incentive to vote.

See the full report at

(1) Corrected.  One extra line included inadvertently in earlier version of post 3/4/2015


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