Testimony on another flawed bill

Last week there was a public hearing for another well-intended yet risky bill.  This bill would allow absentee voting for any person who was absent for any amount of time from their town on election day. We are sympathetic to those who are gone most of the day and cannot be sure if they will get back from work in time.

Absentee voting is most prevalent cause of detected voting fraud in Connecticut and across the country.We offered a compromise of allowing an absentee ballot to anyone gone from 7:00am to 6:00pm.  That should give them time to vote in the morning or in the evening, even if they are a bit late returning to town.

Our testimony <here> All testimony <here> (The 0fficial web page does not have the corrected version of our testimony – a member of the Committee pointed out one of the links was broken – I corrected and emailed the testimony, but it did not get posted)


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