CORRECTED: Testimony On Five Bills

Monday I testified to the Government Administration and Elections Committee on five elections bills. For one bill and against four others.

Most of the testimony was on the Secretary of the State’s bill, S.B. 1051, that would turn elections over to a single registrar in each town under the direction of an official appointed by the town council or similar body. Like the registrars, I testified against that bill. Unlike the registrars, I only favor a couple of the many details in the bill, while they support many of them.

Most of my testimony was on S.B. 1041 which I drafted and was endorsed by the Citizen Audit. It would greatly strengthen the post-election audits, while reducing costs by about 40%. I am pleaed that ROVAC (Registrars of Voters Association of Connecticut) endorsed the bill, except for two clauses.(*)

My testimony, which also points to the text of each bill:

There is also a recording of the nine-hour hearing at CT-N: <video>
I would suggest:
5:50 My Testimony and Matt Waggner the 2nd person after me.
0:00 The Secretary of the State’s Testimony

 (*) An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that ROVAC subsequently changed its position in later testimony.  (The problem of listening too quickly when bills are numbered 1041 and 1051). We regret the error.


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