“It happens all the time.” All over the place (Part 4)

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Here we continue our review o some of our posts of past errors surfaced in Connecticut and around the country, selected from our over 900 posts.  Last time we covered the 2nd half of CTVotersCount posts from 2009. Continuing from there:

Detroit: Chain-of-Custody violations put recount in question <Jan 2010>

CT Registrar alleged to have fudged petitions for herself and relatives <Feb 2010>

KY longstanding fraud by polling place officials <Feb 2010>

AB Vote “Harvesters” in Dallas <Apr 2010>

False testimony in vote caging, leads to appointment to Federal Elections Commission <Apr 2010>

What’s the matter in Tennessee? <Sep 2010>

Perhaps the most significant Internet voting hack <Oct 2010>

The cause of the specific problem in Bridgeport <Nov 2010> <more>

SOTS powerless in Bridgeport <Nov 2010>
PS: They still are.

Bridgeport wrap-ups <Dec 2010> <Jan 2011>

CT still overlooking vote counts <Dec 2010>

That completes 2010. We will continue another time.


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