“It happens all the time.” All over the place (Part 5)

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Here we continue our review of some of our posts of past errors surfaced in Connecticut and around the country, selected from our over 900 posts.  Last time we covered CTVotersCount posts from 2010. Continuing from there:

Colorado chain-of-custody violation: Secret count by candidate before official recount <Jan 2011>

Six tries and NJ still can’t seal voting machines <Jan 2011>

Absentee ballot fraud in Ohio <Jan 2011>

Citizen audit show hundreds of votes not counted, more voters than ballots, elsewhere fewer voters than ballots – Bridgeport <Jan 2011>

Citizen audit shows hundreds of votes not counted, hundreds extra elsewhere – not Bridgeport, but SC <Mar 2011>

Indiana Secretary of State indicted on election fraud charges <Mar 2011>

Wisconsin channels Bridgeport and SC, with counts off <Apr 2011>

Election rigging in KY yields 156 years in slammer <May 2011>

Wisconsin, faith based recounts, tapes dated before election etc. <May 2011> <also>

That completes the 1st half of 2011. We will continue another time.


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