NH Exit Polls Agree With Pre-Election Polls

Chris Mathews confirms that exit polls also had Obama beating Clinton by 8%.  Brad Friedman covers the story: <read>

Even the Exit Polls showed that Obama should have won, according to Chris Matthews on Hardball today. It’s the first specific indication that we’ve seen that the raw, unadjusted Exit Poll data, which only corporate mainstream media folks, not mere mortals, are allowed to see, confirmed all of the pre-election polling which predicted an Obama win.

Brad also explains falacy of dailykos entry <read>

Discussing why things like actually counting the ballots in New Hampshire would have been a great idea. And on the lunacy and self-destructiveness of progressives (like this uninformed front-pager over at dKos, and his even lesser-informed followers, such as Markos himself) buying into the conspiracy theory that the dozens of verified, independent, multiple-sourced pre-election polls were wrong, but the unverified and uncounted election results, as announced, are somehow magically known to be accurate.


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