Post-Election Audit Random Drawing

Today, three members of CTVotersCount drew 10% (60 districts) of 600 districts in the November election for the post-election audits.    There were thirty-five towns comprising well over 100 districts that were therefor exempted from the audit.  We chose the 60 from the remaining districts.

Many towns ask why the are chosen so often?  In Connecticut we audit 10% of the districts after each election and primary — a town with around 10 districts should expect to be chosen frequently to participate in the audit  —  if a town has 20+ districts it should expect to have a district chosen almost every time  and ususally more than one of its districts.  In other states such as, Minnesota, each county must audit some of its districts each time.  Some of those counties are smaller than many Connecticut towns.

Here is the Secretary of the State’s Press Release with the list of towns and a photo from the drawing: <Press Release>

“We had a very smooth Municipal Election Day last Tuesday, but as I have said many times, we in Connecticut don’t just take the machines’ word for it — we audit the results of every election,” said Secretary Bysiewicz. “We want to make sure that as voters come to the polls and cast ballots in Connecticut they have continued confidence that their votes were recorded accurately. hat is why the independent audits are so vital”…

“Auditing election results isn’t just a good idea, it’s absolutely essential in order to guarantee the integrity of our elections,” said Secretary Bysiewicz.


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