Reminders from CTVotersCount, Secretary Bysiewicz and the Waterbury Republican

Article in the Waterbury Republican <read>

Close races prove votes matter

In New Hartford, just one vote separated Phyllis Webb and Bruce Gresczyk for a seat on the Board of Selectmen. With just 16 votes separating three selectman candidates in Oxford, a recount is expected to determine which two will serve the next two years. Democrat Elizabeth T. Falzone and Republican William L. Fredericks battled to a tie for a Region 16 Board of Education seat…

if just two Webb supporters in New Hartford had hopped into their cars and driven to the polls rather than staying home, she’d have a seat waiting for her on the Board of Selectmen, pending a recount…

Ms. Bysiewicz reported recounts will be necessary in at least 35 communities, or about 20 percent of the towns and cities in Connecticut.

Reminders from CTVotersCount:

  • Votes matter. Voters Matter
  • Election Integrity Matters – just one machine programming error or manual transcription error can cause differences of hundreds or thousands of votes.
  • Connecticut has “Close Vote Recanvasses”   –  these are not really recounts as they are usually understood – they are machine recanvasses performed by reading most of the votes back through machines with memory cards programmed by those same out of state contractors, LHS Associates.

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