Reminder: Still time for almost any eligible citizen to vote in the Presidential Primary

  • Reminder:  The only way to be sure your vote won’t count:  Don’t Vote.  If you choose not to vote, don’t complain that we could have done better.

If you are registered as a Democrat or Republican at this point you can vote in your party primary.  If you are registered as unaffiliated, you can still register as a Democrat or a Republican and vote in that party primary.  Only those registered in some other party are ineligible to vote in a primary.

You may or may not be pleased with the choices in the primary, yet I would hope you would agree that it would make a difference to you between a Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich presidency and a difference to you between a Clinton or Sanders presidency.

The best day to register is today.  The easiest way to register is with online registration <online registration>

Here is a link to the details about eligibility, deadliness, and checking your current registration <registration details>


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