Testimony on Four Bills

This year we testified on four bills before the legislature.  We supported two bills, and for a change opposed none.  For the two we neither supported nor opposed, we proposed changes to the same sections of the law addressed by the bills.


A bill we proposed, S.B. 252 would strengthen the current post-election audits, while adopting changes long sought by the Registrars of Voters Association Connecticut (ROVAC).  It would also require that the electronic audits approved last year be publicly verifiable – without public verification we would simply be adding unverifiable “Black Box” auditing, to unverifiable “Black Box” voting (CT’s current manual hand counted audits are publicly verifiable .  <Prepared Remarks> <Testimony>

We supported H.B. 5390 would require the Secretary of the State to archive directives and instructions on the web.  We supported the bill which would do what we asked last year, when the Secretary’s properly identified directives and instructions were made enforceable. <Testimony>

We took no stand in favor or against S.B. 250 which would entail cutting off Election Day Registration (EDR) at 7:00pm rather than 8:00pm.  We warned in our testimony that the Secretary of the State’s EDR procedures risked a serious election rights violation, due to the cut-off of incomplete registrations at 8:00pm, rather than letting anyone in line at 8:00pm have the opportunity to register and vote.  From the questions asked during testimony of officials, it was clear that the Committee understood the issue we raised. <Testimony>

We took no stand on S.B. 251.  It would allow officials to interrupt counting and paperwork completion on election night in municipal elections.  It was similar to a change last year that would allow those same interruptions for State and Federal elections.  We pointed out, as we did last year, that both parts of the law should provide an effective means for the public, candidates, and party officials to determine the date, time, and location of the continuation of counting. <Testimony>


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