Candidates Endorsed: Hot Day In August Predicted: Seven Or Eight Statewide Primaries

Updated: May 25, 2010:  In a press release, Tim Reynolds drops our of Comptroller primary.

Updated: May 25, 2010: CTMirror: Source says Simmons told staff he is ending campaign <read>

Looks like there may not be a Republican Senate primary, but not yet certain:

A Republican source says Rob Simmons told his staff Monday he will end his campaign for U.S. Senate at a press conference today in New London…

Schiff said he was considering a petition drive to qualify for the primary ballot, but he may be dissuaded by a head-to-head fight with McMahon and her resources. He said during the convention he preferred a three-way primary.

Updated: May 24, 2010:  Meriden Record Journal:  Farrell will not face primary challenge <read>

Corey Brinson announced Monday that he will not challenge Farrell in a primary…Farrell said Monday that he was pleased to have Brinson’s support and looking forward to campaigning with him. Not having to face off against Brinson in a primary, he said, would be a benefit in preparing for the general election.

Updated: as of 9:oo AM May 23, 2010

It looks like a hot day on August 10th with several heated, potentially close statewide primary races:

So far, it looks like Democratic primaries for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the State, and Comptroller.  Republican primaries for U.S. Senator, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and maybe Secretary of the State.  Several may be three-way races:  Republican Senator, Republican Governor, and Democratic Secretary of the State.

Secretary of the State

The Democratic Convention chose Denise Merrill.  Jonathan Harris and Gerry Garcia both received over the 15% of votes to qualify for a primary. Garcia announced from the podium that he will primary.  Harris will also primary.

The Republican Convention chose Jerry Farrell.  Corey Brinson also received over 15%.

Article and SOTS videos at CTNewsJunkie. <read/view>

According to the Courant, Brinson will decide on pursuing a primary by Monday:

Farrell, 42, of Wallingford, has served as commissioner since 2006. He said his goals were to foster job growth, particularly in small businesses, and drive down state spending.

“I’m going to walk in there and clean it up,” he said. “We can’t let government … just creep along the way it is.”…

Brinson, who garnered nearly 40 percent of the votes, said he was unsure if he would wage a primary, but would make an announcement one way or the other on Monday.

“Regardless of what happened today, the voters are looking for change in their party,” he said. “The state is 25 percent people of color. The convention is not.”

The Democratic SOTS convention from the New Haven Register:

Denise Merrill became the party’s candidate for secretary of the state after Gerry Garcia, a former New Haven alderman, unexpectedly withdrew his name for consideration of the party’s nomination after the first vote, but said he’ll still forge ahead with a primary.

Garcia garnered 455 votes, or 24.5 percent, while State Sen. Jonathan Harris received 552, or 30.4 percent, and State Rep. Denise Merrill, took 808, or 44.5 percent.

All qualified for a primary, but since no candidate collected more than 50 percent, a second vote was required. Garcia announced to the crowd his decision to wage a primary, but asked that delegates supporting him Saturday give their votes to Harris.

Merrill was supported by 966 delegates in a second vote, while Harris saw 826 votes. Merrill said she’s ready to fight for businesses and residents in an assertive speech to the crowd before thanking Bysiewicz, whom Merrill said “revolutionized, modernized, and transformed” the position.

We will provide updates as we read them.


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